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How to Play Jewel Quest on Your PC for Free - Download Now

GrumpyGranny2 - "I love all the jewel quest games. I love the sounds and the intrigue of the games."speedyiwin - "Ahhh... the classic game of Jewel Quest. Love this game. One of the first and best match-3 games on iWin."munchie2009 - "I love all Jewel Quest games. If you like match three games this is your type of game!"slowpoke3 - "I like all the jewel quest games. I've stayed up for hours playing it and look forward to playing other games."sueneal - "I Am AM addicted 2 all of jewel quest,i luv them all, what can i say"Earz3 - "I love it. very addictive and fun. Its exciting to pass a level and see what the next one has in store for you"mystikals - "I could see me literally sitting here playing this one all day. The levels get harder as you get up there higher, but you are able to do them. Try this one for a lot of fun."bbeasley - "I loved it so much i had to take a week off work. Enjoyed the game and all the other downloadable games too, 5 stars all the way"ppineapple - "This original series from iWin, Jewel Quest, was the start and the fame of iWin. The graphics were really simple and adventurous. The gameplay was simple, but challenging."murpat41 - "Jewel quest has me hooked i love all the jewel games for any one looking for a easy but not so easy game then jewel quest is for them"sidney321 - "Jewel Quest has to be the most beatuiful match 3 game ever created. The sounds of the game, to the wind blowing to an animal cry at the end and during of each level is marvelous, and the graphics are simply beatuiful to the jewels itself to the gorgeous realistic backrounds. The exciting story kept me going and I could play for hours without realizing it..."prcouncilb - "I really enjoyed the game had quiet the challenge it was super fun and entertaining"fuzzybu13 - "I love it, can't get away from it, and I've tried, its exciting and love that it changes all the time."patchqueen - "Good jewel quest action for months. Challenging grids. It will make you want more."michbrian133 - "I really liked this game. It kept me entertained for hours and hours while visiting family for a week. Lots of different styles made for enjoyable play time." Find out more about the series origins on Wikipedia

jewel quest free download full version

As an ancient folk tale goes, when the gods returned to the sky, they left behind nine mysterious jewel boards through which they could speak to us,lest we stray too far. Wars destroyed all but one jewel board - the Oracle of Ur.All facts about this legendary object are lost in time until Rupert discovers a clue to the 4,000-year-old story and starts his quest for the mostcoveted jewel board of all. He enlists the help of his two best friends, Emma and Sebastian, in this exciting expedition. Can they succeed in retrieving the Oracle of Ur?

Follow the travails of intrepid explorer, Percy Pack, in Jewel Quest: The Sleepless Star.On a quest for a jewel called the Sleepless Star, Pack discovers that the jewel has been stolen from a Native American village by an unscrupulous jewel collector!Solve over 200 jewel board puzzles, including never-before-seen obstacle puzzles! Progress through a beautifully illustrated and fullyvoice-acted story that includes collectible power-ups and quest options filled with your favorite classic Jewel Quest games.

Emma and Rupert return to Africa where they are met by Aunt Roberta, a loony lady with a crazy cache of lore and a hatbox full of playing cards.She will lead our unlikely duo from marketplaces to museums in a brand new card-matching, jewel-swapping, mystery-solving adventure! New jewels,coins, and special moves on the jewel board await you in 114 all new layouts set against rich, vibrant backgrounds.Play your cards wisely, or your journey could soon end. Intrigue waits around every corner!

Welcome to another exciting Jewel Quest adventure. This time, Rupert and Emma's friend Ratu has made an amazing discovery that leads to intrigue and danger when his assistant is kidnapped by thugs. Play through games of solitaire and jewel matching in Quest mode to collect clues and power-ups like x-ray vision for un-played cards, re-shuffling of your stockpile, or wild cards. The full version of Jewel Quest Solitaire III features:

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The game play of the Jewel Quest 2 is very simple and easy. First when you start the game the color full box will appear on your computer screen. This box will full of many different color of icons your aim is to match three same color and type of icons. When you match three or more than three icons then you get points and also get money. You can also download Hidden Secrets Nostradamus.

Dive into Jewel Quest Solitaire III! Travel with Ratu in Jewel Quest Solitaire III, and experience compelling Solitaire layouts and gripping new Jewel Quest boards!. In order to get advantaged of free playing Jewel Quest Solitaire 3 full mac game version you must register the game. In any case you can free download mac os full game and play for free during test period.

As you explore the continent, you will have to match jewels to progress through challenging levels. Every level will bring new mysteries, and the game will take you through various landscapes and locations. With stunning graphics and an immersive soundtrack, the match-3 gameplay will keep you entertained for hours on end. Join the professor on this thrilling journey of discovery, love, and betrayal in Jewel Quest 2. More Verified Customer Reviews I love this game and could play it for hours... and sometimes I do! I have told my friends to buy it and am recommending that anyone that reads this review does the same. -LindaLTrujillo I love this game. I am a novice and it is not hard to learn. -perky0506 I love this type of game. It's very interesting and keeps you busy. The first and third ones were also great. -halligangladys Play this game every day. Always a challenge. Highly recommend for an ever-changing game. Never the same. -stumpfo This game has so many levels in regular play or you can rename a player and try to outdo yourself over and over. Also has tournament play. -scottiecone I love the tournament mode. You get to challenge people from all around the world. It is very relaxing as well. -mssexysweet1956 Great game, one of my all time favorites. Lost most of my games when I got a new computer, so am glad to find out this was still available. -nfay59 I've played Jewel Quest games for many years and find that Jewel Quest 2 is my favorite. It has a great theme and words of wisdom at the end. Get there, and you'll read what I'm talking about. You can't go wrong with this game. -tws8631 I really like this game. It's quite fun to play. You have different levels to get through and several lives to try to make it. I like that you can save up the special gold coins to help get through a level. I highly recommend this game to all lovers of Match-3 games. -kaustin212 Jewel Quest 2 is the most fun game that I have played. Love it so much, and I play it all the time. Thanks for having this game for me. Everyone should be playing! -t_lchilders This game is so much fun. The advanced level is really hard, but it makes the game last a lot longer because you have to try so many times to progress. You really get your money's worth with this one! -cpaskos I love the game, as it is very exciting. I find all the Jewel Quest games are thrillers. You always want to go to the next step. Thanks for creating games like this. -pauljudith54 Yes, I love Jewel Quest 2. I've loved it for years now. I've stopped playing four other games to play this one. To me, it's the perfect puzzle game. It takes me away from all that's going on in the world today! -fcmoreno56 I love this game. It is not hard, but you still have to concentrate and try to increase your speed. -dods1_26 I found playing Jewel Quest 2 a fun challenge. You get to play against other people. Sometimes you win and sometime you lose. That`s the way it goes for this game and for life in general. -fergusonjames22 I was looking for a mindless game to occupy my time and distract me from the real world. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. -jodyap123 Good game and gives you a choice of levels. Easy play for adults and children. They can compete against each other. -jamespickup I purchased this game and couldn't stop playing it. I don't even know all the rules, and yet I will recommend this game to many people. -kevin422 Yes it was a fun game to play. Like all Jewel Quest games, it certainly makes you think and react fast. I enjoy the fact that there is a timer on the game. -sylvinoz I have been playing this game for years. It has many different levels. Each level is a little harder than the last. The full version of the game is so much better than the free version. I had no idea what I was missing. -kimlori57 One of the most addicting, fun, satisfying, interactive Match-3 games available. I give it a 10 out of 10 rating! -aaronharris69 The game was very interactive, with remarkable graphics. Enjoyed the gameplay and wanted more. Thanks for the creativity! -drieck683 Great game. We are elderly, so not up to many of the new games aimed at youngsters. This game keeps us enthralled and competitive with each other every day. -aanded97 I am a long time fan of Jewel Quest, especially this version. The pacing is just what I want for my downtime. The many levels make it challenging, but if I feel lazy, I can create a new profile and play a low level. The best part of this purchase is that I found an inexpensive place to download I can trust. -idreamjj I really like this game. I have other Jewel Quest games, but I like this one the best. I really like the back to Africa level, and the changing from daytime to nighttime. I have collected over 99 specials and completed the game several times. -ljones010 I started playing the Jewel Quest series when my grandchildren did. I stopped for a while but now I'm playing whenever possible. I am a widow now, so I have all the time and enjoy it very, very much. Thanks! -cwjw63 I have been playing Jewel Quest games for years, and I've bought most of them. I love the games. Please keep them coming. I am many years older now, and they keep my mind busy. -sfoxieee Show 24 More User Reviews Show Less User Reviews function ShowMoreReviews() $("#lessReviewsButton").css("display", "block"); $("#moreReviewsButton").css("display", "none"); $("#review0").css("display", "inline"); $("#review1").css("display", "inline"); $("#review2").css("display", "inline"); $("#review3").css("display", "inline"); $("#review4").css("display", "inline"); $("#review5").css("display", "inline"); $("#review6").css("display", "inline"); $("#review7").css("display", "inline"); $("#review8").css("display", "inline"); $("#review9").css("display", "inline"); $("#review10").css("display", "inline"); $("#review11").css("display", "inline"); $("#review12").css("display", "inline"); $("#review13").css("display", "inline"); $("#review14").css("display", "inline"); $("#review15").css("display", "inline"); $("#review16").css("display", "inline"); $("#review17").css("display", "inline"); $("#review18").css("display", "inline"); $("#review19").css("display", "inline"); $("#review20").css("display", "inline"); $("#review21").css("display", "inline"); $("#review22").css("display", "inline"); $("#review23").css("display", "inline"); $("#review24").css("display", "inline"); $("#review25").css("display", "inline"); $("#review26").css("display", "inline"); $("#review27").css("display", "inline"); function ShowLessReviews() $("#lessReviewsButton").css("display", "none"); $("#moreReviewsButton").css("display", "block"); $("#review3").css("display", "none"); $("#review4").css("display", "none"); $("#review5").css("display", "none"); $("#review6").css("display", "none"); $("#review7").css("display", "none"); $("#review8").css("display", "none"); $("#review9").css("display", "none"); $("#review10").css("display", "none"); $("#review11").css("display", "none"); $("#review12").css("display", "none"); $("#review13").css("display", "none"); $("#review14").css("display", "none"); $("#review15").css("display", "none"); $("#review16").css("display", "none"); $("#review17").css("display", "none"); $("#review18").css("display", "none"); $("#review19").css("display", "none"); $("#review20").css("display", "none"); $("#review21").css("display", "none"); $("#review22").css("display", "none"); $("#review23").css("display", "none"); $("#review24").css("display", "none"); $("#review25").css("display", "none"); $("#review26").css("display", "none"); $("#review27").css("display", "none"); Autoplay videos More Match 3 Games Jewel Match: Winter Wonderland 2 Embark on a festive adventure, gather resources and rebuild a cozy village.


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