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Buy Hydrangea Flowers

There are compact varieties for smaller spaces or containers, double-flowered and bi-coloured choices, and varieties that offer a change of colour as the flowers mature. There are even varieties that flower on old and new wood, flowering twice. Some have scented flowers, others have beautiful autumn foliage. This means there's a hydrangea for every garden, whether you're looking for a more traditional style for a cottage garden or shrub border, or a more contemporary or urban look.

buy hydrangea flowers

Hydrangeas will thrive in most soil types, including alkaline and acidic soil. However, the pH of the soil will change the colour of the flowers of some varieties. Some plants that usually offer pink flowers will appear blue if the soil is acidic.

Hydrangeas do best in moist soil, so if your soil is light, bulk it up with moisture-retaining organic matter such as well rotted manure or compost before planting. Water the plant well an hour or so before you plant it. Never plant a hydrangea deeper than it was in its original pot. Water in well. Mulch after planting, ideally with leaf mould; alternatively use well-rotted manure or compost. Keep the plant well watered throughout its first spring and summer.

Purple leaves can be due to a sudden decrease in temperature in spring or autumn. In spring, the leaves may turn purple if temperatures plummet but should revert to their usual green once the weather has warmed. Late in the season, the leaves of some hydrangeas change colour as the plant begins to go dormant in autumn. Purple leaves can also be a sign of phosphorus deficiency, which is particularly common on plants where the flower colour has been changed. Adjusting the pH or applying a fertiliser high in phosphorus may help.

Hydrangea scale is a sap sucking insect found on hydrangeas. In severe cases it can cause poor growth and leaf loss. You may spot the eggs, covered in a white waxy material, in early summer. The mature scale insects look like brown blobs. If the problem is serious, spray in July with an organic insecticide based on plant oils or fatty acids.

Vine weevils can attack hydrangeas that are growing in pots. You may see chunks bitten out of the leaves, but the main problem takes place beneath the soil, where the c-shaped white grubs eat the roots. This can cause the plant to decline rapidly.

Mopheads are the hydrangeas to grow if you want bold colour. The blooms last for months, finally ageing to muted tones before drying to brown over the winter. Held in small, silvery lavender flowerheads, the florets of Hydrangea macrophylla 'Ayesha' have unusual curled edges.

Lacecap varieties are more delicate than mopheads and are generally very hardy. Hydrangea macrophylla 'Veitchii' is a free-flowering lacecap with large white florets that turn pink with age, set around a mass of small blue flowers.

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Native to Asia and the Americas, the hydrangea flower is white in most species but can be blue, red, pink, and light or dark purple. The hydrangea is a stunning addition to a flower bouquet, known for portraying heartfelt emotions like gratitude and understanding. We at French Florist partner with world-class leading flower farms both locally and worldwide, meaning our blooms are the pinnacle of quality. Order and buy your hydrangeas online today for same-day local delivery across Los Angeles for your loved one, or as a well-deserved treat for yourself.

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Big, blooming hydrangea plants are sure to bring attention to your yard, garden or borders. Large and round, hydrangea flowers burst into rich pink, blue or purple shades beginning in summer, and hardy hydrangea shrubs can hold their blossoms well into fall.

Do hydrangeas come back every year? Hydrangeas are perennial plants, meaning they'll rebloom every year with the right care! You'll want to place your hydrangeas in a well-drained, partly sunny location to provide them the best chance for a long and happy life. These plants need lots of water, especially for the first year or two after planting. They can also make use of a light fertilizing twice per year: just as buds start to push new growth, and again in the summer. Hydrangeas should not be fertilized after mid-August. This allows all new growth to harden off before cooler temperatures set in. In the fall, a little winterizing will help them bounce back faster and better than before.

Before the first frost, cover the roots of your hydrangea plants to a depth of at least 18 inches with bark mulch, leaves, pine needles, or straw in the fall. With macrophylla and serrata varieties, you can actually cover a portion of the canes, as well. This insulation will help insure blooms next year by protecting the flower buds that have formed over the summer. Be sure to carefully pull back the mulch around the canes in the spring.

Deer tend to eat hydrangeas, especially in the winter. Deer will browse all hydrangea species, and, depending on other food sources available, they can cause quite a bit of damage. Oakleaf and arborescens hydrangea are particularly prone to deer browsing. So it's best to wrap the accessible parts of the hydrangea with a deer cage or wire. If that doesn't deter your deer, try a commercial deer repellent.

Do you cut back a hydrangea? The pruning schedule depends upon the variety of hydrangea! Some hydrangeas, like oakleaf, bigleaf, and climbing hydrangeas, should be pruned immediately after flowering. Panicle and smooth hydrangeas can be pruned before spring.

For panicle and smooth hydrangeas, you should prune in late winter, when the plant is dormant and before new flower buds have formed. You can prune to remove old wood, and crossed branches, as well as to shape the plant. Panicle and smooth hydrangea flowers bloom on "new wood."

What happens if you don't prune hydrangeas? You can get smaller blooms if you leave your plants unpruned, but it won't hurt the plant at all not to prune it. Most hydrangeas are happy to live unpruned and will still return every year.

Mophead, serrata, climbing and oakleaf hydrangeas bloom on old wood. Many other varieties have flowers that bloom on new wood, so wintertime damage might heal before the hydrangeas bloom. But, you don't want deer to consider your yard a buffet. They're creatures of habit, and often return to landscapes that have proven to provide easy meals. For short hydrangeas, we recommend using a wire cage in the winter. For taller hydrangeas, try deer repellant on the reachable branches.

To make your hydrangea flowers more pink, you'll need to raise the soil pH, making the soil more alkaline and less acidic. Try adding lime to the soil will make the flowers appear more pink. Dolomitic limestone will also add magnesium to the soil. Wood ash will also raise soil pH, but should be applied very lightly: too much can burn your hydrangea's foliage.

Lowered soil pH is often associated with hydrangeas of a bluer hue, but low pH won't make your hydrangeas blue on its own. Aluminium is the key to turning hydrangeas from pink to blue, and an acidifier without aluminum in it may not achieve the same effect. Aluminum availability in the soil is pretty common, but not universal, so look for amendments that include aluminum. In overly alkaline soils the aluminum ions are locked up with other elements, and don't flow to your plant. Lowering the pH allows those aluminum ions to break free and be taken up by the plant, producing the blue color.

Bunch of 3 or 6 fresh hydrangeas sourced from our farms and wrapped in brown paper with floral art. The flowers are accompanied by flower food and a care card with flower care tips to help you take better care of your flowers and prolong their life.

With their dome like structure, the hydrangeas command a strong space and presence. The flowers get beautiful pastel colours with shades based on the alkalinity of the soil. At The Flora, we currently have white, pink, blue, and purple hydrangeas depending upon season and availability.

Please note: The images shown here are of a recent batch of hydrangeas that we shipped for customers just like you. Flowers are a natural product and we don't really control nature. That's why it's possible that you might see a slight difference in the one that you finally receive. 041b061a72


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