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Install Conky On Mac Os X

I have googled, skimmed forums, and done everything that I can think of aside from a fresh install. Just curious if anyone else has had this issue before, and if there is any advice offered. Thank you.

Install Conky On Mac Os X

Some built in variables in conky require additional packages to be installed in order to be utilized, for example mpd for music. As for hard drive temperature, Since kernel 5.6 the drivetemp module will report SATA/SAS temperature through hwmon. See the Lm_sensors#S.M.A.R.T. drive temperature discussion. From conky point of view, drivetemp can be used as a replacement for the hddtemp package and variable by using its hwmon variable.

First check for syntax errors in your configuration file's text variable. Then double check that your user has permission to run every command inside your configuration file and that all needed packages are installed.

Conky supports two different types of transparency. Pseudo-transparency and real transparency that requires a composite manager to be installed and running. If you enable real transparency and do not have a composite manager running your conky will not be alpha transparent with transparency enabled for fonts and images as well as the background.

Pseudo-transparency is enabled by default in conky. Pseudo-transparency works by copying the background image from the root window and using the relevant section as the background for conky. Some window managers set the background wallpaper to a level above the root window which can cause conky to have a grey background. To fix this issue you need to set it manually. An example with feh is:

Download and parse RSS feeds. The interval may be a floating point value greater than 0, otherwise defaults to 15 minutes. Action may be one of the following: feed_title, item_title (with num par), item_desc (with num par) and item_titles (when using this action and spaces_in_front is given conky places that many spaces in front of each item). This object is threaded, and once a thread is created it can't be explicitly destroyed. One thread will run for each URI specified. You can use any protocol that Curl supports.

Default configuration file location is $HOME/.conkyrc or $sysconfdir/conky/conky.conf. On most systems, "sysconfdir" is /etc, and you can find the sample configuration file there (/etc/conky/conky.conf)

We are always looking for help, whether its reportingbugs, writing patches, or writing docs. Please use thefacilities at SourceForge to make bug reports, featurerequests, and submit patches, or stop by #conky if you have questions or want tocontribute.

For users compiling from source on a binary distro,make sure you have the X development libraries installed(Unless you provide configure with "--disable-x11"). Thisshould be a package along the lines of "libx11-dev" or"xorg-x11-dev" for X11 libs, and similar "-dev" format forthe other libs required (depending on your configureoptions). You should be able to see which extra packagesyou need to install by reading errors that you get from'./configure'. You can enable/disable stuff by givingoptions to configure, but be careful with disabling. Forexample: with --disable-math you won't get errors butlogarithmic graphs will be normal graphs and gaugeswill miss their line.

To use Lua Conky, you first need to make sure you have a version of Conkywith Lua support enabled (``conky -v'' will report this). Scriptsmust first be loaded using the lua_load configuration option. Youthen call functions in Lua via Conky's $lua, $lua_read, and Luahooks.

So I also made a post regarding autostart of conky which I solved by using Gnome Tweaks, now the mistake that I realized is that i didn't install the theme and widget properly, now every post or tutorial either use .conkyrc or .conky directory as the file directory where the conky.conf should be.

When i install conky this directory doesn't create as such conky uses a default theme, but when i create the directory conky doesn't open at all, now this could be because of the lack of the configuration file but it even when i transfer the theme's file to it it still doesn't open.

[Desktop Entry]Name=conkyType=ApplicationExec=sh /usr/bin/conky.shTerminal=falseComment=system monitoring tool.Categories=Utility;

On Ubuntu, pip will install to the current user's homedirectory rather than system-wide. Because of this, wheninstalling pip on Ubuntu you will need to run pip installwith the --system flag as well (on other platforms this is notneeded)

Some people tried to solve the problem on the application layer, like Github's Boxen,but it solves a different problem, from my point of view. I don't spend a lotof time installing or downloading stuff. I spend time configuring it.

#INSTALL CONKY ON MAC OS X INSTALL#Download & install LiteIcon like you would any other app. You can start or run the conky on your system by enabling the Run Conky at system startup option in conky manager.Ĭlick the Applications setting-> Run Conky at system startup.While OS X defaults aren't ugly by any means, they can be boring and often lack flexible configuration options. Then run the below command in terminal sudo dpkg -i realpath_8.26-3ubuntu4_all.deb Īfter the successful installation of Conky Manager, click the show applications in the Ubuntu Gnome dock and type Conky Manager in the search box and click Conky Manager to open it.

Open terminal, In terminal type the below code and hit enter. Note: If you get E: Unable to locate package conky-manager error then follow the below installation method to install conky manager. sudo apt-get updateĪfter that run the below command to install the latest version of Conky Manager on Ubuntu.


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