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Tom Odell Another Love New Tiktok Version Song 2022 Ukraine Song [TOP]

The song about frustration and love first began trending after a section of the track was repeatedly used to accompany a range of protest videos. First, in Ukraine it became a symbol of the country's resilience against the 2022 Russian invasion earlier this year. More recently, women who recorded themselves cutting their hair on social media in support of the women-led protests in Iran, often used the song as a backing track.

Tom Odell Another Love New Tiktok Version Song 2022 Ukraine Song

A longer version of audio from the song's chorus has also been used as part of a trend where users share a montage of progress they've made on a particular task, with the transition between photos and clips getting faster as the music speeds up.

Puth subsequently released a series of TikToks describing the process of writing the song and released the full version as a single in January 2022. Viewers began following the story of how Puth said he was putting the track together, and when audio from the final single was released, it went on to be used in more than 300,000 videos TikToks.

The British singer-songwriter performed the piano ballad about fighting for someone you love, which has been used on TikTok videos including one of a defiant Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, beneath the arrivals and departures boards.

As we mentioned earlier, literally any song can go viral on TikTok, and another love users have chosen as an audio track for their videos. Especially a lot of these videos began to appear since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. 041b061a72


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