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Vak Balish Recept

Balish (aka Belish) is a traditional Tatar pie, usually filled with beef and potatoes. A large cake (zur balish) resembles a cauldron made of dough, in which the indicated ingredients are baked, a small one (vak balish) looks more like a pie that can be either closed or open. This dish is considered festive. A similar dish is prepared in Kazakhstan, and also on holidays. Mistresses make balish according to different recipes, passing them down from generation to generation, but the general principles of cooking this national dish are identical. If you do everything right, the result will be a beautiful, fragrant cake with a juicy and nourishing filling, which your guests and household will surely like.

vak balish recept

Despite the fact that the recipes for the dough and the fillings for the balish may have some differences, the general principles of cooking this festive cake remain common. Knowing them, even an aspiring cook will cope with the preparation of this Tatar or Kazakh dish.

Serve balish to the table hot. Traditionally, the distribution of balish trust the most respected family member. He removes the top layer of the cake, breaks it into pieces, distributes it to the participants of the feast. These pieces of baked dough are eaten instead of bread. Then the owner of the house lays out the filling on the plates. If you move away from the tradition, you can simply cut the cake into portions and serve to the table. A good addition to the cake can be a variety of pickles or fresh vegetables.

Local cooking included the culinary traditions of many nations, but eventually it took its own shape. Among the whole variety of local meals, the championship's guests are proposed to pay special attention to the pastry, which usually includes a rich filling on a thin dough layer. Echpochmak, peremechi and vak-balish are listed as absolute must-tries. Kystybyi is mentioned separately but with a filling of a millet grain porridge or a meat sauce (and no word about mashed potatoes!). Sweet pastries are presented by gubadiya and chak-chak, and the latter is also mentioned as a favoured gift from Tatarstan.

Trots att recepten för degen och fyllningarna för balisen kan ha vissa skillnader, är de allmänna principerna för att laga denna festliga tårta vanliga. Att känna dem, även en aspirerande kock, kommer att klara av förberedelsen av denna tatariska eller kazakiska maträtt.

Servera balish till bordet varmt. Traditionellt litar distributionen av balish till den mest respekterade familjemedlemmen. Han tar bort kakans övre lager, bryter det i bitar, fördelar det till deltagarna i festet. Dessa bitar av bakad deg äts istället för bröd. Sedan lägger husägaren ut påfyllningen på plattorna. Om du flyttar dig från traditionen kan du helt enkelt skära tårtan i portioner och tjäna till bordet. Ett bra komplement till kakan kan vara en mängd olika pickles eller färska grönsaker.

Neskatoties uz to, ka mīklas receptēm un ķīpas pildījumam var būt dažas atšķirības, vispārīgie ēdiena gatavošanas principi joprojām ir izplatīti. Zinot tos, pat tiecoties gatavot šo tataru vai kazahu ēdienu, tas tiks galā.

Zur balish (zur translated from Tatar means big) is perhaps the most delicious dish of Tatar cuisine for me. Often such balish is prepared for the holidays or just when a large family is gathering). This dish is eaten by the whole family, sitting around the table. More on this below. And it is better not to cook it alone, since it takes a long time to prepare such balish. This is a kind of roast dish in a large pot of dough. First of all, we prepare the dough - unleavened, rich, not yeasty. First you need to melt the butter. Instead of butter, you can use margarine, the dough will turn out to be even more crumbly and rich. But my stomach does not tolerate margarine well. It is better to take the oil fatter.

Let's start forming balish. Grease the form in which we will bake. I had a large mold, about 32-34 cm in diameter. Take 2/3 of the dough and roll it out in the shape of a circle, about 15 cm larger in diameter than the shape. The thickness is about 1 cm. We transfer the rolled dough into the mold, so that the edges hang over the edges of the mold. We spread all the filling on the dough, with a slide.

Then roll out the remaining dough with a smaller diameter than the mold. This will be the balish lid. Cover the filling on top with this dough and begin to fasten the edges in a circle. Excess dough can be trimmed off. And then we write the plucked edge with a pigtail.

We put balish in a preheated oven to 220 degrees. Such a large and tall balish will take about 2.5 to 3 hours to cook. But the baking process will still need to be monitored. In about 40-50 minutes, you will need to see the cake. It should be reddened by now. Balish needs to be removed from the oven and covered with parchment paper (baking paper) dipped in water (squeezed out). This way balish won't burn on top. If you are unsure about your oven. Then you can put a bowl of water down under the pie. So the bottom will not burn. Put the balish back in the oven. After about 30 minutes, reduce the heat to 200 degrees, and also take out the dried paper, moisten it and cover again on top. We do this procedure periodically, approximately every 30-40 minutes. After about 2 hours of baking, remove the balish from the oven. And cut out a small triangle in the center of the lid. Firstly, this way you can assess the readiness of the filling. The filling will already give its broth. Nevertheless, carefully pour the still cooked salted broth into the balish, at least half a glass (0.5-1 glass), look at the amount of broth inside.

We put the cut out triangle of dough in place, again in the center and put it back in the oven until cooked, this is for another 30-60 minutes. Readiness can be checked through the cut out triangle. Do not forget to cover the balish again with dampened paper. After about 3 hours of baking, the zur balish is ready! Now about how it is served and eaten. Balish is not taken out of the mold and is placed directly in it on the center of the table. The whole large family will sit around the table, keeping spoons or forks ready). The top cover (cake) of balish needs to be cut into pieces with a knife and removed.

Balish turned out to be big. 6 people didn't beat him at once). This is considering that there were also men. If something remains, then the next day you can warm up). Although it is cold, it is very good. The cost is for the whole balish.

Today we want to tell you about how to properly cook balish with meat and potatoes. You will find a step-by-step recipe for this famous Tatar dish with a detailed description and a photo in this article.

When the aroma of fresh baked goods notifies you that the balish is ready, you should take it out, remove the bun and check the readiness of the filling. If the potatoes are still raw, add a glass of boiling water to the inside of the pie, close the hole with a bun and send the pie back to the oven. When the balish is ready, let it stand in the oven, then cut off the lid with a knife and serve the dish to the table.

In ancient times, this traditional dish was cooked in an oven, but in modern kitchens we can make some changes to this delicate process. How to cook balish with meat and potatoes in a slow cooker? Read the step-by-step recipe below:

To quickly cook delicious Tatar pies and please loved ones with them, you can use minced meat for the filling. How to quickly bake balish with meat and potatoes? A step-by-step recipe will help with this:

Zur-balish (zur-belish), a large pie with potatoes and meat is a traditional Tatar dish. The upper part of the freshly prepared pie is divided among all the members of the feast, the filling is eaten with the help of cutlery. When chilled, the pie is freely cut into portioned pieces and the cutlery is no longer required.

The dough for making zur-balish can be based on sour cream (mayonnaise / margarine / butter or vegetable oil), water (milk / kefir) is added, and slaked soda is also used as an option. Some recipes include an egg. One way or another, regardless of the ingredients, the dough should turn out to be elastic so that the cake does not crack during the baking process.

How to knead the pie dough? What kind of meat is right for the filling? How to eat Zur-balish correctly? The recipe for this delicious cake for the whole family was shared by the chef Korizanda Tella.

Balish is een van de meest bevredigende, smakelijke en populaire gerechten uit de Tataarse keuken. Het behoort tot de categorie van ritueel voedsel: geen enkel Tatar-huwelijk is compleet zonder het. Bereid balish en andere feestelijke gelegenheden voor, omdat het rijkdom en welvaart symboliseert. In feite zijn er twee soorten balish: zur en vak. De eerste optie is een grote, gesloten taart, de tweede is een taart, die zowel gesloten als open is. De vulling voor de zur-balish heeft een traditionele samenstelling, in lagen verdeeld, de voorbereiding van vak-balisha zorgt voor meer vrijheid. Beide bakopties die elke Tatar op zijn eigen manier bereidt. Het grootste verschil is de samenstelling van de test. Het traditionele deeg voor balish is saai gemaakt, maar moderne huisvrouwen geven er de voorkeur aan om het op gefermenteerde melkproducten te koken. Sommigen zetten het op de wijnmoer, maar het koken van de cake duurt lang. De smaak van het gerecht is afhankelijk van het deeg, dus de keuze moet serieus worden genomen.

Twee lagen van verschillende grootte worden uitgerold uit het afgewerkte deeg voor het maken van zur-balish. De ene bedekt de onderkant en de zijkanten van de vorm, de tweede doet dienst als een deksel. In het midden moet een gat achterlaten om bouillon in de cake te gieten. Deegafwerkingen worden niet weggegooid, ze worden gebruikt om versieringen voor de cake te maken en een bal die het gat bedekt. Om de vleespotten te bereiden, wordt een klein stukje van het deeg gescheiden, er wordt een cake van gemaakt, er wordt een vulling op gedaan, vervolgens worden de randen verhoogd en een "zak" met een klein gaatje er bovenop wordt gevormd of zonder. 041b061a72


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