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The Five Heartbeats

There are several moments in The Five Heartbeats where one of the characters (Usually Eddie, the most beset with troubles of the five) opens his mouth, facing a skeptical or unsuspecting audience, and channels a legitimately deep, legitimately melodic and jaw-dropping singing voice.

The Five Heartbeats

The five young men agree to allow him as a test trial when he offers to pay the group $100 if he cannot get their performance improved in time for the Battle of the Bands showcase the following month. Although the group does not win and Jimmy pays them, the owner of the nightclub wants to hire them. When the owner asks the name of their manager, they agree Jimmy is and happiness is enjoyed by all those there.

Several changes occurred from the conception of The Five Heartbeats to its manifestation. These include source of inspiration (From The Temptations to The Dells), number of characters (three to five) and even suggested stars such as Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston. However, these changes, overall, have led to the motion picture being endeared to many.

'The film has a big heart,' he said. 'It's about family; it's about faith. You follow these five men on their journey together, and when it's all said and done, it's fulfilling. I think at the core of it is faith. It has a healing message.' 041b061a72


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