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Our preschool daughter has thrived academically thanks to Mrs. Jenny owner/teacher of ABC Honeytree and her staff.  Our daughter has learned to play well with others, share, be respectful eat healthy meals and has never complained of being bored!  After attending the kindergarten meeting at her soon-to-be "big girl school" and reviewing the standards I was surprised to see how far advanced our daughter is which puts her on a successful learning path.  We strongly feel we owe this to ABC Honeytree preschool!  

Though our daughter is so excited to go to kindergarten and can not wait she is heartbroken that Mrs. Jenny can't be her kindergarten teacher, she said she is the best teacher in the world! -- Ericka M. 

My daughter graduated from ABC Honey Tree yesterday!  So proud of her and all that she is learning. Thank you Mrs. Jenny Honeytree for all that you have taught her. She has grown, socially, emotionally, and mentally. -- Laura N. .

Yesterday my girls had their first day of second grade & kindergarten. As I watched them both beaming with anticipation to walk into their classrooms I couldn't be more grateful to ABC Honeytree for preparing BOTH my girls for where they are today. Jenny & her staff have been instrumental in the successful transition of my girls both academically and socially. Surrounded by crying children with " the first-day blues" my kindergartener (just like her big sister) stood confidently ready to bask in her journey! -- Madden

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Jenny- Thank you so much for all you do. You take such great care of Paige and she loves coming to your Preschool! --Kim, Pat & Girls.

I like doing school. I love you! Thank you for all kinds of things you taught me. Love Sawyer. 

Guess who is done with Kindergarten! !! Hello Summer! Jamison got perfect grades and came so far this year thanks to ABC Honey Tree a sensory-friendly teacher who made a difference in his learning. We love n miss Mrs. Jenny Honeytree!.-- Jessica

She did so good today with drop off and then she didn't want to leave-makes me happy. She talks about you guys and school and how much she likes it all the time. I'm extremely grateful for you guys- and love her getting cared for by you guys. I don't trust many people or places with her buy you I definitely do.  -- Savannah  

Thank you for all you do for the boys, They love you and will miss you!-- Brody & Mason. 

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